Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ok, it's been long since I last posted. Anyway I've decided to step down as Master of Romance permanently. The new master is now -AIR_xTOOTIE- or/and -AIR_xKISS-. That slight confusion would be addressed soon. -AIR_xTOOT- has left Romance for Rename, and I doubt he would come back. 10 other ppl also left Romance, I have no idea who left either.

So please show ur continued support and help out with our new Master(s).
May Romance be foreverlasting~

Yours Sincerely

Sunday, February 15, 2009


*Please note the change in date and place*
Chalet @ Costa Sands Pasir Ris
Costa Sands Pasir Ris, Duplex rooms
20th March 2009
BBQ will commence at around 7 pm
Price Issues
Chalet cost: $152 per night
Food cost: ~$200
Cost incurred split evenly among everyone.

I apologise for the change in place and date. I did not manage to book the Sentosa Chalet as the voucher that I have with me stated that the customer have to make the trip down to Sentosa Reception in order to book the chalet using the voucher. Due to examination period, I did not have the time to, and also I wanted to confirm the number of people attending the chalet before making any payment.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Confirmation List
  1. Joshua
  2. Kenneth
  3. Wan Xuan
  4. Yi Ying
  5. Justin
  6. Shi Jie
  7. Caleb
  8. Tai Hong
  9. Ivan
  10. Wilson
  11. -AIR_xFANN-
  12. Charmaine
  13. Crystal
  14. Eggleton
  15. Benjamin (TBB)
  16. Felicia
  17. Yen
  18. Nicole Yeo (To throw stars and assasinate us on Sentosa)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hello, i do apologise for not being that active in audi anymore. I also apologise on behalf of the senior members. Haha, but don't worry, we're still alive and kicking, and we do miss all of you, thats why we're organising a chalet!

Date: 21st March

Venue: Sentosa

Price: $15


Please confirm by tagging on the tagboard by. People who register late will be made to pay extra. I'm sorry, but we need to confirm and estimate prices and packages.

Thats all, hope you guys are doing well in school, and studying hard! Haha, but do remember to take time off to enjoy and play too :D

Contact either xJAMM(91865225)/Venus(92270396) for more information :)



Please drop us an email to air.islove@gmail.com with your contact information (your handphone number and your main email address) so that you'll be updated with the latest updates and not miss out any. And please help spread the message around with other members who have not been visiting this site. Thanks!

Friday, January 9, 2009

hi peeps. a few updates and stuff to address in this post.

firstly, as many of you have already noticed and realised, as school has re-opened, the number of members online = ZZZZ! just yesterday i was like the only one online at 1+. However, pls do note that you will not be kicked from Romance. we understand that school is important bla bla bla. do try to be online whenever u're free k? :)

secondly, we've taken a looooooong break from earning fam points already yea? our ranking is currently 13. fams behind us are right at our ass chasing us really closely. so lets work together and earn fam points. on my part, i will try my best to buy fam channel whenever available.

third, due to a certain matter that has occured recently, i feel obliged to blog about it. k how shall i start... -.-. erm yea, as you all know, one certain member has left us recently due to some "personal reason" which involves her being cheated on behind her back by her couple also in our fam. anyway, she has put the matter behind her already and i have succesfully invited her back to romance. i know all of you very kaypo de, but stop bombarding her with questions. im sure all of you who are the parties involved. if she wants to tell you guys what happen, naturally she will.

again this matter serves as a reminder to all. please do not leave romance because of small little matters. and when i say please approach the leaders whenever u want to leave, DO IT BEFORE YOU LEAVE and not AFTER. Romance is a family, u mean u not happy with ur brother or sister then u leave your family meh? *slaps those people who said yes when they read this*

anyway, thats about all that i have to say in this post. Romance HUAT AR! <3


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hey guys, Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of u in Romance.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Sorry for the very very late post, was really busy the past few days.
Alright! Romance outing at Vivo was great i should think. Anyone who disagrees and approach me or the other leaders so that we might organize better outings in the future. (:

Well, for those who couldn't join us, we do hope you'll be able to come to the next outing so that we might have the oppurtunity to bond and become closer as a FAM.

Pictures below!

Jodei's a really happy kid. :X


On to serious stuff. While updating the FAM list just now, i realised that quite a number of people have left our FAM. The leaders and i would like to remind you that quitting of the FAM is not something we take lightly, and you're not allowed to join back as and when you like. It's really annoying when we have to entertain such cases. However, you're welcome to approach us if you left, but had a valid reason for leaving. Please, i implore all of you to not take the FAM for granted.

Alright, that's that! Watch this blog for more news and updates. Also, i'll be planning the next outing really soon.

Romance HUAT!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hello friends. If you've not been coming to check the blog regularly, then shame on you. As a Romance member, it's your duty to check the blog regularly so that you're up to date on the current happenings of our FAM. Got it? :)


Outing on the 19th December!

Venue: Vivo City
Time: 2pm at HarbourFront MRT

We'll most probably be catching a movie, then mabye a nice dinner together yeah. Haha. In case you're wondering why we're having it at Vivo, it's because everytime our FAM gathers, it's always at Bunk/DBG. So we're gonna have a change this time! Also, Vivo has a very nice outdoor park, so lot's of photo oppurtunitys. Heeeheeeheee.

Hmm, i'd advise you all to bring around $30 for this gathering. Of course, the more the better, but $30 would be enough.

Alright then, see you guys soon.